Makeup and cosmetics - woman using blush brush

Applying makeup is an art and most of the women make big mistakes when they apply makeup on their faces. They want to look beautiful and in doing so they do unusual things. Let us discuss some of the most common mistakes women make while applying makeup and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1:
The most common mistake women made is to use too much foundation. When you put excessive amount of foundation when making grimaces like laughing, talking or frowning cracks appear and this looks ugly.
In this way women look unattractive and they must keep in mind that hiding the little deformities or pimples with too much foundation never makes them beautiful.

Mistake 2:
Most of the time girls who know little about makeup use eye shadows in bright, funky colors and they apply them from the start of the eyelids all the way to the eyebrows. Eye shadows put without highlighter and contour line look tasteless. Such eye makeup is not attractive at all. It is much better to use two or three shades, merge them and use contour line and highlighter.

Mistake 3:
The biggest mistake made while hiding pimples and dark circles. Hiding pimples with a lighter shade of concealer makes them even more prominent. Instead, try similar a shade of concealer as your skin has for hiding pimples and dark spots and to smoothen your skin.

Mistake 4:
Another mistake that is observed is using such color of foundation that does not match the color of your skin. Suppose you have a dark complexion and you start using light and whitish foundation. You will look like a mime or clown. Apply foundation that is at most similar to the color of your face or try that one which blends with your skin color.

Mistake 5:
The choice of the best lipstick color. Consider the type of event or a party you are going to attend. Parties in open air have different requirements for makeup then those conducted in dim lights.
The same shade of lipstick never works for every occasion. The too dark lipstick colors for parties during the day are not suitable because they ruin your natural looks. Avoid using just one color or shade for your lips for all types of events.

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