woman applying powder on forehead with brush

Wearing loads and loads of foundation will never make you look good. On the other side doing little make over using bases and foundation also not a suitable solution because it will not cover the deformities and even your tan. Then what is the right option?
Whether to choose stick as a base, liquid foundation, powdered base or a creamy base.
It is difficult to decide which the best option is. Every woman has different skin color and texture. It all depends on your skin what you should use and what you should avoid while doing your makeup. Let us see the best options for each skin type:

Dry skin:
For dry skin anything with moisturizers and water content is a perfect option. Never use powdered base if you have very dry skin. This will never give you a smooth tone. Use liquid foundation or try dealing with the dryness of your skin and give a smooth and balanced surface before applying makeup.

Oily skin:
Oily skin looks again oily after some time of your face wash. You cannot wash your face and get rid of the oil when you have applied makeup. Using a base that covers up your oily skin fully is absolutely necessary.
According to chemists and dermatologists the skin products which are free from oil contents are best for such skin types. Use foundation, either liquid or powdered, depending on your choice which is oil free. The ingredients present in such products absorb the oil from your skin and leave it with a balanced base that looks elegant.

Normal skin:
For normal skin, both powdered and liquid foundations and bases are suitable. The powder absorbs oil if it is present somewhere and never creates linings on the face. Powder also gives a glow with a light tone.

For all these types of skin, liquid or powdered foundation matters a lot. It is also very important to always choose the best color matching products for your skin.

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